Improving telecommunications infrastructure across Barker is one of the highest priorities for me.

Media Releases

Round 5 of the Mobile Black Spot Program is now open (17 April 2019)

Improved mobile coverage for Barker (22 March 2019)

More funding to fix mobile blackspots (20 March 2019)

Round 4 of the Mobile Black spot Program opens (16 October 2018)

Nominate a mobile phone black spot today (14 September 2018)

Improved mobile coverage for Kalangadoo and Kybybolite (5 April 2018)

Mobile black spot program (23 January 2017)

Tenders open to fix mobile black spots in Kalanagdoo and Kybybolite (22 November 2017)

Mobile Blackspots in South Australia – Opinion (24 November 2016)

Mobile Phone Coverage Tip Sheet

There are a number of local factors that can interfere with mobile reception and therefore impact a user’s ability to obtain or maintain a mobile phone signal at any given time or place. These factors include mountainous or hilly terrain, buildings (including their internal structure) or other physical obstacles interrupting the line‑of‑sight from the mobile base station.

The particular handset used can also affect mobile reception. Each of the mobile phone providers are able to provide advice on the best handsets for local conditions. For example, Telstra uses a ‘blue tick’ label on the phones it recommends for use in poor coverage areas. Optus has also recently announced their ‘Top Picks for Regional Coverage’ device rating program, enabling consumers to choose mobile phones that will work best on the Optus regional network.

New products to improve mobile reception are regularly released. For example, Telstra has released a ‘Smart Antenna’ to improve indoor reception on its network, and Optus has released an app which allows its customers to receive calls and texts over a Wi-Fi connection. Another effective way to improve reception is to use an external antenna or in-car kit. The most appropriate antenna may depend upon the network, and prices can vary. These accessories can be readily obtained from mobile phone shops and dealers.