Member for Barker Tony Pasin has welcomed a grant of $1.275 million from the Federal Government for Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) to continue developing and expanding our global markets.

Mr Pasin said the funding will focus on existing, new, emerging, and high growth potential markets building off the Seafood Industry Export Market Strategic Plan.

“This grant will help implement the Australian Seafood Industry Export Market Strategic Plan, focusing on high priority sectors such as rock lobster and abalone, and provide greater access to markets for smaller producers.”

The project will continue to promote the ‘Great Australian Seafood’ brand, which was funded by the Australian Government under the $1 Billion COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund.

“The ‘Great Australian Seafood’ brand will be developed and introduced internationally, including in established and emerging markets such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, the US and the UK,” Mr Pasin said.

“By building up the Great Australian Seafood brand, we can tell the rest of the world what we already know – that Australian seafood is the best in the world.” Mr Pasin said.

South Eastern Professional Fishermen’s Association, Executive Officer, Nathan Kimber said SEPFA welcomes the announcement from the federal government to award SIA a $1.275m grant to develop and expand global markets for seafood products like Southern Rock Lobster.

“SEPFA hopes that the grant will go some way to alleviating the challenges that the rock lobster industry has faced as a result of trade, market and supply chain disruptions over the past two years,” Mr Kimber said.

“The rock lobster industry looks forward to engaging with SIA to ensure that the grant funds projects that will derive the best possible outcomes for the Australian seafood industry,” Mr Kimber said.