Ten councils across drought affected regions in Barker will share in an additional $4,573,119 in Federal Government funding to develop safer roads in the region under the Australian Government’s Roads to Recovery program (R2R).

The funding is part of the additional $138.9 million that has been allocated to drought-affected communities through the R2R program, and forms part of the Australian Government’s recently announced drought response package.

Funding has been allocated to the 128 local government areas across the country with the aim of stimulating local economic activity through road infrastructure projects.  Those councils are also receiving support under the federal Drought Communities Programme.

The extra funding matches the allocation already made to councils for the 2019-2020 financial year, and will be made available from January 2020.

“The drought is impacting communities in Barker. This extra roads funding is designed to stimulate local economic activity and improve local infrastructure by improving safety and productivity. I’m looking forward to seeing some really worthwhile projects being put forward by the local councils,” Mr Pasin said.

“Improving our road network is an important priority to me, and this additional funding is a very welcome and timely boost.”

From 2013-14 to 2023-24, the Government will provide $6.2 billion under the Roads to Recovery Program, with an on-going commitment of $500 million each year following.

10 local councils across Barker will share in the additional $4,573,119 while the State Department of Transport and Infrastructure will receive an additional $4,398,340 for drought affect regions across the Barker and Grey electorates.

COUNCIL R2R allocation 2019/20 to 2023/24 ADDITIONAL DROUGHT 2020 CALENDAR YEAR
Berri Barmera $870,641.00  $217,660.00
Coorong $2,678,873.00  $489,843.00
Karoonda East Murray $1,381,791.00  $345,448.00
Light $1,695,290.00  $423,823.00
Loxton Waikerie $2,974,078.00  $743,520.00
Mid Murray $2,654,602.00  $663,651.00
Murray Bridge $1,959,372.00  $489,843.00
Renmark Paringa $901,585.00  $225,396.00
Southern Mallee $ 1,628,723.00  $407,181.00
Tatiara $2,267,015.00  $566,754.00
Dept Planning, Trans & Infra (Barker & Grey) $17,593,360.00  $4,398,340.00
TOTAL $47,228,635.00  $ 8,971,459.00

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