Years 5 and 6 students at Allendale East Area School learnt about Federal Parliament recently with a visit from Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP.

Mr Pasin explained to the students about his role in the Federal Parliament as an elected member before the students took part in a role play exercise where they acted out the legislative process of Parliament.

The students each took on a role as a Member of Parliament to debate a Bill in the House of Representatives. The students argued their case for or against banning homework.

The group of around 20 students were divided into Government, Opposition and Cross Bench members to debate the Bill before a vote was held to determine the passage of the legislation.

“I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm the students from Allandale East Area School showed for the democratic process,” said Mr Pasin.

“It’s fantastic that these students are studying civics and citizenship. These students will determine the future of this Nation and as such I think it’s really important that they understand their civic duty.

“As the only Nation in the world with compulsory voting it’s vital that we educate young Australians about the Parliamentary process. Strength in Democracy comes with the community being informed and interested in how and why our laws are made,” Mr Pasin said.

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