Mr PASIN (Barker) (13:55): Every year on 26 January, Australians reflect on what it means to be Australian. For me, Australia Day is a reminder of the tremendous freedoms we enjoy and how lucky we are to live in the greatest country on earth.

I’m pleased to inform the House that five residents from my electorate of Barker were awarded Medals of the Order of Australia, including Frank England, Wendy Gaborit, Helen Sandow, Robert Sloane and Alison Stillwell. Other awards included the Emergency Services Medal awarded to Mr Antonie Poel and the Australian Corrections Medal awarded to Ms Alicia Murphy. Australian Citizens of the Year in my electorate included Chris Tugwell, Bill Gransbury, Rodney Hancock, Dulcie Hoggan, Jon Thurlow, Amanda Carter, Denis Roberts, Ivan Smith, David Kimber, Clarissa Martin, Lachlan Johnson, Bruce Clayson, Rhonda Burleigh, Sue Zwar, Mariska Hawke, Greg Moore, Emma Vasek, John Fenton, Sue Webber, Keith Harkness, Kevin Poole, Angela Thomkinson, John Scarvelis, Megan McWaters, Andrew Grieger, Muriel Knutsen and Jeremy Levins. To everyone recognised this year by the various Australia Day awards, thank you for your service to our nation. You’re a credit to both yourselves, your family and the broader community.