Member for Barker Tony Pasin has been inundated with surveys rolling in from across the electorate since its launch in June.

“I have been overwhelmed by the number of constituents who have returned their surveys having their say on what is important to them,” Mr Pasin said.

“I asked the constituents of Barker to tell me about the issues that matter to them and they have done that,” said Mr Pasin.

With the help of his staff Mr Pasin has been reading through the returned surveys and collating data on the issues raised.

The survey results show an overwhelming number of people are concerned about their electricity prices, with 86 per cent of the surveys returned listing this as a major concern. 70 percent of people were worried about a carbon tax being re- introduced and 75 per cent are not in favour of paying more for electricity in the interests of reducing carbon emissions.

“This tells me that energy policy must address the key issues of affordability and reliability. The State Government’s failed energy experiment was focused entirely on reducing emissions which resulted in higher prices and increased blackouts. Labor’s policy is clearly not what the people of Barker are telling me they want out of an energy policy.

“I’ve heard that the people in Barker want lower energy prices, no new electricity taxes and a policy that will keep the lights on,” Mr Pasin said.

According to the survey results health and hospitals were another theme that stood out across the electorate.

“The Federal Government have just announced the first ever Rural Health Commissioner which is great news for Barker constituents. We are committed to improving access to health services for everyone who calls regional, rural and remote Australia home. The appointment of our National Rural Health Commissioner is integral to achieving this outcome,” Mr Pasin said.

While developing pathways for rural doctors is a top priority, the Commissioner will also consider the needs of the nursing, dental health, pharmacy, Indigenous health, mental health, midwifery, occupational therapy, physical therapy and allied health workforce in rural and regional areas.

Other themes through-out the survey include:

  • 55 % of people want improved mobile phone coverage
  • 62 % of people believe reducing taxes and red tape on small businesses is the best way the Government can support job growth
  • 85 % of people are concerned about Australia’s level of deficit and debt
  • 89 % of people feel safe and secure in their neighbourhood
  • 79 % of people support drug testing welfare recipients
  • 65 % of people think local schools should be given greater autonomy to make decisions
  • 69 % of people support the Australian Government’s border protection measures
  • 85 % of people support measures to strip foreign fighters of Australian citizenship if they are dual nationals
  • 85 % of people believe State Government health and hospital funding needs to be significantly increased over time


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