The Morrison Government has committed to bringing greater transparency to river communities and farmers in the Murray Darling Basin.

“All communities in the Murray Darling Basin want and need to know more about water and its management,” Member for Barker Tony Pasin said.

“Knowing how much water is in the system, how it is being allocated and the outlook ahead is critical to an open water market and to our irrigators wanting to plan ahead.

“In Barker water information is critical. Irrigation and farming is the lifeblood of our communities. People want, need and should expect greater transparency and accountability from states and from river managers.

Mr Pasin said a Morrison Government would address these issues:

  • Providing $5 million to the Bureau of Meteorology to standardise water allocation and availability information across states in the Basin and provide information in real time;
  • Ensure the Murray Darling Basin Authority undertakes triennial reviews of River Murray Operations Costs; and
  • Engage communities in the management of the Basin through annual MDBA River Management and Operations Outlook Conferences held in rural and regional Basin communities.

“This is a package that builds on the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s review of the southern Basin water market already announced by the Morrison Government.

“This gives communities the information they need, it will give them a chance to have their say on the running of the river system and the costs it takes to run.

“These measures will also help to give communities greater confidence in the Murray Darling Basin Plan, which is so vital to South Australia,” Mr Pasin said.

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