Mr PASIN (Barker) (13:41):  I rise today to offer my congratulations to Lachie Neale, who, on Sunday night, took out the prestigious Brownlow Medal. Lachie might be a Lion today, but he started his football career as a Tiger with Kybybolite. Kyby is a footy club in my electorate. It’s a town of 100 people. In fact, until recently, they didn’t even have mobile phone reception.

Those who knew Lachie as a young lad always commented about how he always had a footie in his hand and was always keen to get to training. While taken at pick 58 in the national draft, he went to Fremantle and showed real dedication and hard work. He worked on his craft, and was recognised there by winning best and fairest twice.

But what impresses me most about Lachie is not his footballing skills but his humility and the professionalism he’s shown throughout his career. When accepting this prestigious award, he barely mentioned himself. Instead, he thanked his wife, he thanked his family and he thanked his community. Lachie’s a man who, in my community, we look up to, rightfully, and I am beyond proud for all that he has achieved. And I know, Lachie, that, no matter who we support in the south-east, there’s always a little part of us hoping that you get the ball, clear it and deliver it well. Thanks, Lachie.