Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP has warned Barker residents to brace themselves for more cost-of-living pain as Labor’s Federal Budget fails to deliver for Aussie families and regional communities.


“The Budget handed down last night is a typical big-spending, big-taxing Labor Budget. It’s a Budget that does nothing to ease the cost-of-living pressures on hardworking Australians and does nothing for our regional communities,” said Mr Pasin.


“This Budget will not build a stronger economy, and it is not a budget that is fair for all Australians, least of all those living in our regions.”


Labor’s 2023-24 Budget confirms:


  • Costs-of- living will continue to go up;
  • Gas and electricity bills will continue to skyrocket;
  • Real wages have not grown;
  • Inflation remains stubbornly high;
  • Unemployment will rise; and
  • Australians will be hit with higher taxes.


Prior to last year’s Federal election, Anthony Albanese promised to lower the cost-of-living, he promised “cheaper electricity” and he promised “cheaper mortgages.” This Budget confirms these are now broken promises.


“This Budget fails hardworking Australians right at a time when they needed a plan to address inflation and the cost-of-living crisis,” Mr Pasin said.


“There is no plan to support the unprecedented increase in net overseas migration that will see 1.5 million new migrants coming to Australia over five years.


“The Budget cuts infrastructure spending, and fails to address congestion and road safety, the housing and rental crisis, and the sustainable growth of our regions.


“Across Barker, local communities are worse off under this Budget with the Labor Government‘s refusal to continue funding through programs such as the Stronger Communities Program, Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program, and the Regional Airports program.


“While taking an axe to important funding programs that have delivered for communities across Barker, Labor is now introducing two new taxes that will disproportionately hurt our regional economy and increase the cost of food for every Australian household,” Mr Pasin said.


“A new food and fibre tax on Farmers to pay for the biosecurity measures and an increase to the tax paid by our trucking industry with a 5.2c/L increase in the heavy vehicle Road User Charge that will hurt all Australians through increases to their grocery bill but most of all it’s a kick in the guts for our agricultural supply chain that were amongst the front line heroes of the pandemic.”


“Farmers deserved better, truckies deserved better and our regional communities deserved much, much better,” Mr Pasin said.


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