Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP says the Southern Ports Highway – Southend Access Road intersection is an accident waiting to happen.


After years of lobbying, Mr Pasin said a response to his latest correspondence to the State Government has clearly indicated the State Government has no intention of installing a left-hand turning lane at the intersection.


“I encouraged the Wattle Range Council to apply to the Federal Government’s Blackspot program under the pro-active application process to fund a left-hand turning lane on the Southern Ports Highway but the State Government rejected the recommendation, indicating there was alternative funding sources that would be used,” Mr Pasin said.


“I wrote to Minister Koutsantonis in June requesting an update on progress of the matter and the response is disappointing to say the least,” Mr Pasin said.


In his response the Minister says a review of the location has determined that the low volume of vehicles turning left did not warrant construction of a separate left turn from Southern Ports Highway onto Southend Access Road.


Mr Pasin said that for many years the Southend Progress Association, Wattle Range Council and the RAA have all been active in advocating for a dedicated left hand turning lane to increase road safety on the State Government road.


“Minister Koutsantonis thinks the junction is operating safely and is in a satisfactory condition in its current layout. The Southend Progress Association, Wattle Range Council and RAA join me in disagreeing with the Minister on this matter,” Mr Pasin said.


“This is a perfect example of rural and regional roads being neglected because Government spending priorities lay elsewhere despite two third of all road fatalities being on rural and regional roads.”


“It’s incumbent on all of road users to bring this statistics down but funding a left-hand turning lane at this junction would be a great place for Koutsantonis to start,” Mr Pasin said.



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