The Coalition will examine the potential for advanced and next-generation nuclear technologies to contribute to Australia’s energy security and reduce power prices, says Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP.


Announced by Opposition Leader Peter Dutton on Tuesday following a Coalition Party Room meeting, Mr Pasin said it is clear we need to get more dispatchable power into the grid.


“The average wholesale electricity price in the second quarter of 2022 was three times higher than the same time in 2021,” Mr Pasin said.


“I’ve always maintained that I am technology agnostic when it comes to energy generation. My main concern is keeping the lights on pushing electricity prices down.”


“Renewables need to be balanced by sufficient dispatchable generation. With sixty percent of coal fired power stations expected to leave the market by 2030, it’s important that households and industry have the certainty of reliable and affordable energy into the future.”


“Nuclear energy is a mature, proven technology, that has the possibility to provide reliable, emissions-free, base-load electricity. It’s high time we had an informed debate on its benefits, and the Coalition will get the ball rolling,” Mr Pasin said.


The review will be led by Mr Ted O’Brien MP, Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Energy, who will report to the Coalition policy committee and the Coalition Party Room.


The announcement comes after Prime Minister Albanese admitted in Parliament’s question time that his Government is unable to deliver on his promise to reduce household energy bills by $275 per year.


“The very real concern is that the exit of coal will leave us captive to higher prices and less reliable supply,” Mr Pasin said.



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