Mr PASIN (Barker) (13:56):  I rise today to congratulate year 12 students in Barker on the completion of their secondary education. For them their graduation represents the closure of one chapter of their lives and the beginning of a new and exciting one as they move towards adult life. I encourage all graduates to grasp the opportunities that the next stage of their lives offers to them. Getting to this point, despite the challenges presented this year, should give those graduating students the confidence to know that they’re capable of achieving much. The career choices they make will not only affect the rest of their lives but also shape the future of this country. Like me, I’m sure their teachers, their families, their friends are all very proud of their efforts and achievements.

Every year it is my great pleasure to present the Barker Shield awards in recognition of outstanding student achievements across Barker. Three students in each participating school in the electorate received an award in academic achievement, community service and spirit and a category determined by the school. Unfortunately, as most graduation ceremonies have been cancelled, I’m unable to present the awards to the students this year, so I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate the Barker Shield recipients and the entire class of 2020 on their success. And whether they’re continuing for additional study or entering the workforce, I want to wish them all the very best for a 2021 that’s better than this year.