Today I was extremely proud to attend the declaration of the poll for the Division of Barker, where the Divisional Returning Officer declared me duly elected as the Member for Barker having received a total of 61,155 first preference votes, translating into 69.1 per cent on a two party preferred basis.

Thank you to the other candidates who put their hand up to run; you have served to provide the people of Barker with a choice and that is fundamental to our democracy.

Thank you to all who cast their vote, taking part in our Democratic process, particularly to all those who have put their trust in me to represent them as the Member for Barker in our Federal Parliament.

And finally, thank you to the AEC staff who have worked to ensure our democratic process is upheld to the highest of standards, maintaining an impartial and independent electoral system.

Tony Pasin MP

Member for Barker

Media Contact: Charlotte Edmunds 8531 2466