Mr PASIN (Barker) (13:47): I rise to speak on energy policy, an issue that is high on the agenda of every South Australian sadly labouring under the state Labor government. This debate has ultimately become an ideological one that has resulted in a higher costs of living and fewer jobs. The simple fact is that Labor is on an ideological crusade that is resulting, effectively, in higher electricity prices and unreliable supply. Nowhere is this more apparent than in South Australia. We are the canary in the coalmine with higher taxes, charges and electricity prices, and now we have unreliable supply as well. It is no wonder that we suffer from the highest unemployment rate in the nation. High costs for business translate to fewer jobs.

They do not get that, particularly the member for Wakefield over there, who is chiming in. Former South Australian Premier Mike Rann set South Australia on this devastating course. Eight years on, we overwhelmingly have the highest electricity prices in the nation. This is because they are pursuing an unrealistic target of 50 per cent renewables. They are at 41 per cent now. Every constituent in my electorate gets it—it is sad that the member for Wakefield does not—and they understand who is driving it. In contrast, the coalition cares about jobs. Under our government and, indeed, a Liberal government in South Australia, electricity prices will be lower, supply will be reliable and businesses will be able to get back to employing people.