Member for Barker Tony Pasin has welcomed Federal Government funding to expand access to international markets for key industries in Barker.

Avacado, oil seed and grain industry bodies have received Federal Government funding under the $5 million Australian Government’s Package Assisting Small Exporters (PASE) program.

The Australian Oilseeds Federation has developed a Grain Sustainability Certification Scheme to help grain growers expand access to international markets.

Mr Pasin said this project was supported by a grant of $97,500 from the Federal Government.

“This Australian Grain Sustainability Certification Scheme will boost market access opportunities for Aussie exporters selling grains where buyers seek sustainable certified produce,” said Mr Pasin.

“The project has also produced a grain industry communication and education program to help small to medium sized grain exporters to access markets where sustainability certificates are required.”

“We know Barker produces world class grains, and the completion of this project gives our local grain farmers and exporters another boost when it comes to accessing new market opportunities.”

Avocados Australia Ltd have been awarded $109,176 to help avocado growers find new export market opportunities and reduce export compliance costs.

“The new resources developed by Avocados Australia clearly step through what avocado growers and packhouse staff must do to meet Japanese avocado import requirements, and to be New Zealand market ready.” Mr Pasin said.

“The new online avocado registration system project streamlines export accreditation by enhancing data collection consistency, traceability and transparency.”

Mr Pasin said this is a great opportunity for Barker avocados to go global.

“Our avocados have already won over the hearts of Australians and now it is the turn of consumers across the world to become fans,” Mr Pasin said.

“Long term this new online registration system will lead to faster accreditation, increased compliance, increased registrations and decreased administration costs for local growers and exporters.”

The Australian Government is backing our farmers and exporters, and always looking to open more market opportunities for our premium produce to be enjoyed around the world.

“Without PASE, these exporters risked missing out on the opportunities available through the growing global demand for sustainable agricultural inputs.” Mr Pasin said.

Further information on the PASE program is available at: