• Barker’s horticulturalists supported in fight against damaging fruit fly.
  • $30 million over three years to build national resilience to manage fruit fly.
  • Funding will help stop the spread of fruit fly, drive down pest pressure in vulnerable areas and grow exports.

A vital plan to further build resilience into Australia’s fruit fly management has received a $30 million funding boost from the Morrison Government.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP said the funding will assist in the fight against the impacts of fruit fly.

“Fruit fly is a significant pest for our nations horticulture industry, so we need to tackle the issue from different angles, with a national approach” Mr Pasin said.

“Australia produces around $6.5 billion worth of fruit fly vulnerable crops, so it’s important that we put measurers in place to protect our crops,”

“We’re looking to stop the spread of fruit fly through regional Australia, while also driving the numbers of fruit fly down.”

“We’ll work together with our state and territory government counterparts to make sure our farmers can get the best out of their crops year in, year out.”

Mr Pasin said tackling fruit fly at a national level was particularly important for exporters in Barker.

“We are committed to getting the best outcomes for our growers in Barker so they can achieve their export potential and access premium prices for their produce,” Mr Pasin said.

“By staying on top of fruit fly we can not only continue to supply our trading partners with quality produce, we can look further afield to new markets as well.”

“A key component is commitment to build critical post-harvest infrastructure in South Australia to meet immediate needs in response to increasing fruit fly outbreaks.”

“We will also deliver more treatment options in strategic regional areas, in particular in northern Australia and near emerging production areas.”

“Practically, this will mean that growers in Barker will have more choices to get their produce to a wider range of export markets.”

“I’m proud to be part of a government that is supporting Australia’s horticultural farmers to achieve their potential.” Mr Pasin said.