The Coalition Government continues to meet its commitment of helping more people into work.
Labour force figures released last week by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show that seasonally adjusted employment increased by 4,900 in March 2018, to stand at 12,484,100.

Seasonally adjusted employment has now increased by 367,000 (or 3.0 per cent) over the last year. Full-time employment stands at 8,514,100 – or 2.7 per cent higher than it was 12 months ago. Part-time employment rose by 24,800 over the month, to stand at 3,970,000, and is 140,200 (or 3.7 per cent) higher than a year ago.

The economy has created more than 1000 jobs a day over the last year.  Member for Barker Tony Pasin has welcomed the continued increase in employment reflecting the Government’s strong economic policies.

“The Government has put in place the right policy settings which continue to pay dividends, with our economy creating, on average, around 1,000 net new jobs per day over the last 12 months,” Mr Pasin said.

“Since the Government came to office in September 2013, we have created a total of 996,800 jobs, an increase of 8.7 per cent.

“The Government is acutely aware that there are still more than 730,000 Australians who remain unemployed and that’s why this Government is committed to creating the right market conditions to give local businesses the opportunity to create more and better paying jobs,” said Mr Pasin.  Mr Pasin pointed to a number of Government policies that are helping push this economic growth.

The Coalition Government has:
• delivered personal and small and medium business tax cuts
• delivered more trade deals, meaning more exports generating more jobs
• delivered record infrastructure and defence industry investment

N.F. McDonnell & Sons is one local business that has been able to grow local employment in recent years following increased investment in their business and establishing export markets throughout Asia.

“Over past few years our family has invested over $20 million in our manufacturing facility and this in turn has given us the capacity to now process over 400,000T of log per annum, more than tripling our previous capacity,” said Managing Director Ian McDonnell.

“This has also seen employment grow steadily from around 60 employees to now be at 120.

“During this time we have established many export markets throughout Asia and this has positioned the business well for future growth,” said Mr McDonnell.

The Coalition Government has also put in place a number of employment programs that are successfully getting people into jobs.  The jobactive program connects job seekers with employers and is delivered by a network of jobactive providers in more than 1,700 locations across Australia.

Mr Pasin said that Jobactive had placed over 1 million Australians into jobs since July 2015 and that this milestone is clear evidence that the Government’s employment policies are working for Barker with 10,282 local placements.

“Reaching one million job placements under jobactive shows that we are succeeding in our goal to get more Australians than ever before into work,” Mr Pasin said.

“The jobactive program is making a real difference to the lives of many people in the electorate of Barker by helping them to get a foot in the door and back into work.

“I encourage any business in Barker who is not registered with a jobactive provider to go and see them — to find out how they can get the right employee for their business and give someone an opportunity,”

“These record jobs growth figures show the Coalition Government is delivering on our promise to create the right economic settings for job creation, and along with Work for the Dole and our PaTH program, the jobactive program is helping unemployed people get into one of those job opportunities,” Mr Pasin said.


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