Mr PASIN (Barker) (13:56): I’m pleased to inform the House that, last Sunday, the Kingston SE RSL Sub-branch celebrated its centenary. Like so many RSL sub-branches around the country, they have supported returned veterans and their families since their establishment.

The Kingston RSL was established when 10 returned soldiers met at the local council chambers in February 1920 and proposed the establishment of the sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers and Sailors Imperial League. Meetings were initially held in council chambers on the last Saturday of every month at around 3 pm. Over time, that space became far too small, so they moved to the old town hall before purchasing their own premises in 1955.

The sub-branch was an integral part of the social fabric of the regional community, with horseraces, card parties, dances, balls, football carnivals, regattas, beach carnivals, and picnics—even an ugly man contest. I think I would have taken that out if I’d been there! The Kingston RSL supported ex-servicemen and their families socially and economically.

More recently, RSLs have helped us better focus on commemorative activities. Many have remarked on the growing popularity of Anzac Day parades, with growing attendance across the country. It is a credit to RSLs like the Kingston sub-branch that our younger generations continue to unite out of respect for and to support our veterans. Congratulations to the Kingston RSL on a fantastic 100 years.