Dear Editor, Australians around the country and those living around the world will reflect on what it is to be part of our great nation on January 26. Australia is a country like no other.

It’s a country that is the envy of many. We have much to celebrate.

Above all, we should celebrate the fact that no matter our birth place, we are united in our Australian values.

For me, Australia Day is a day to celebrate what it is to be Australian; to work hard, to contribute to community, a sense of mateship, of belonging and of prosperity. This truly is a nation of freedom and opportunity. To strive to better ourselves while supporting others through times of need. This is what it is to be Australian.

We may be diverse in background, but as a nation we are one. January 26 should unite us, not divide us.

It is a day to reflect our history, acknowledge and learn from our mistakes.

As a country we have grown to become a great nation of which and we should all be rightly proud.

To all Australians on January 26 be proud, be thankful and enjoy a great Australia Day.

Tony Pasin, Federal Member for Barker

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