Dear Editor


This week (July 20 – 25) is National Farm Safety Week.


National Farm Safety Week aims to raise awareness of farm safety issues in rural communities across Australia. This year’s theme for Farm Safety Week is “Farming for a Future” and will focus on risk assessment and awareness, planning and mitigation.


Be aware and assess the risk. That’s the message.


The last 12 months have been, to put it bluntly, a tough year. Drought, bushfires, floods and of course a global pandemic.


For much of this our farmers have been in the thick of it. So this week, is not only about being safe on our farms in day to day activities but will also have a strong focus on Mental Health in our regions.


Our Aussie farmers have been living in hyper vigilant states of awareness for months. Waking up to dust storms, or blankets of smoke, flash floods after years of drought or the news of border closures and economic upheaval. It has all taken its toll.


While farmers are a resilient bunch, in the face of continued adversity, there is no doubting that this ‘resilience’ has been worn down.


So this week I urge everyone in our farming sector to be aware and assess the risk, look after yourself and others and when it comes to mental health remember, when the going gets tough, the tough can still ask for help.


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