Dear Editor,


Sunday, 3 September is Australian National Flag Day. A day to celebrate with pride the anniversary of the Australian National Flag and all that it represents.

Upon federation in 1901, Australia’s first Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Sir Edmund Barton, announced an international competition to design a flag for the new Commonwealth of Australia. There were 32,823 entries, of which 5 nearly identical designs were awarded equal first and this design became the basis of what has become internationally recognisable as our foremost national symbol.

The Australian Flag was flown for the first time on 3 September 1901, over the dome of the Exhibition Building in Melbourne, which was the then seat of the federal government.

Australian National Flag Day is an opportunity for individuals, community organisations, local authorities, businesses and schools to celebrate the anniversary, express pride in our nation, respect for our heritage and acknowledgement of our history.

This week, I’ll be reflecting on values the Australian National Flag represents, respect for the freedom and dignity of the individual, freedom of religion, commitment to the rule of law, Parliamentary democracy, equality of opportunity regardless of gender, race, religion, or ethnic background.

These are the values I serve to uphold. I urge all Australians to be proud of these values and proud of our Flag.

Tony Pasin MP

Member for Barker