The Keilira community is receiving continued Federal Government support with additional funding announced for the region this week.

Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP said while the focus so far had been on getting support out to individuals and property owners, funding was also rolling out for community and habitat recovery.

The Morrison Government is helping native wildlife and habitat recovery including in the Keilira area by funding emergency projects including feral pest and weed management through the local NRM.

Mr Pasin said that as part of the Government’s initial $50 million wildlife recovery package, 16 NRM groups across the country, including South East NRM have received emergency funding for immediate priority works which may include habitat protection (fencing), shelter (such as nest boxes), supplementary food and water for native wildlife, collection of seeds for revegetation, and monitoring programs to track recovery.

The Kingston District council will also receive bushfire recovery funding from a $17 million fund through The National Bushfire Recovery Agency.

The council will receive $200,000 for rebuilding council infrastructure such roads, bridges, and community facilities.

Mr Pasin said this funding is about helping the recovery effort at the local Government level.

“It’s recognition that fire has a huge impact on community infrastructure at a local Government level. The Morrison Government is assisting in the re-build and recovery of this,” Mr Pasin said.

Mr Pasin said the Morrison Government also recognises that community wellbeing is a vitally important part of the recovery effort.

“To assist in this, our Government is providing $6.9 million for community wellbeing grants and further funding for locally tailored mental health services through Primary Health Networks (PHNs) across the country,” said Mr Pasin.

“These grants will help communities organise wellbeing and recovery activities. The Keilira community will be able to apply for grants through the Country SA PHN, which has also received funding to facilitate these activities and deliver additional mental health resources specific to the needs of each local community,” Mr Pasin said

“This funding reflects the Morrison Government’s commitment that this recovery effort will be tailored in every region based on local needs,” Mr Pasin said.  “We’ve all heard a lot about the fires in South Australia; in the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island. I’ve heard the Keilira fire be referred to as the ‘forgotten fire’. I’m in Canberra making sure it’s not forgotten. I’m making sure that the Keilira community have support and funding from the Federal Government to help rebuild and recover as quickly as possible,” Mr Pasin said.