The Coalition Government has delivered on a significant commitment – there are one million more Australians in work than there were when we were elected.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin said one million more jobs means at least one million livelihoods improved, including in Barker.

“This is an excellent outcome for Australian families across the nation and here in our local communities in Barker,” Mr Pasin said.

“It reflects the hard work of Australian businesses and the Government’s strong economic management. Our plan is working.”

Minister for Jobs and Innovation, Michaelia Cash, said since coming into office in 2013, we have focussed on ensuring the right economic policies and market conditions to boost jobs.

“Thriving businesses create jobs and give Australians the opportunity to work,” said Minister Cash.

“The Government’s role is to create the right economic conditions so that businesses of all sizes can prosper, grow and hire more Australians.”

Job creation does not happen by accident. Over the last five years, the Coalition Government has:

  • delivered personal and small and medium business tax cuts;
  • delivered more trade deals, meaning more exports and more jobs;
  • delivered record infrastructure and defence industry investment
  • constrained spending, with real growth now at its lowest rate in 50 years;
  • acted to bring down the cost of living with our energy reforms.The ABS labour force figures today show that jobs continue to be created. Nearly 80 per cent of the jobs created in the past year have been full time. Every lever of policy put in place by the Government is pulling in the direction of more economic growth, more jobs and better jobs.
  • Employment is now at a record high of just over 12.5 million. In the final year of the former Labor Government 17,000 full-time jobs disappeared.
  • 2017 was the best year on record for jobs growth.