Assistant Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport and Member for Barker, Tony Pasin MP, has called on the Federal Labor Government to urgently address the safety and productivity concerns through Truro on the Sturt Highway by committing to the Truro Freight Route project.


Mr Pasin said the Albanese Government had allowed the national road network to fall into disrepair with billions of dollars in funding cuts and delays since coming to Government.


“Australia’s 880,000 kms of road network underpins almost every aspect of our lives. From getting to and from work and school to getting produce off the farm and off to market, a good road network underpins the efficient and safe movement of people and goods and it’s critical to competing in a global market. The Sturt Highway at Truro is an important section of this network.” said Mr Pasin.


The Sturt Highway is the major road freight corridor connection between South Australia and New South Wales and the demand to cater for larger heavy vehicles is only increasing.


“While we need duplication of this highway in the long term, the Sturt Highway at Truro is currently causing a bottleneck,” Mr Pasin said.


On average, approximately 4,000 vehicles travel through the town of Truro per day, of which 30 per cent are heavy commercial vehicles, including an average of approximately 600 B-Doubles and road trains per day.


The Truro freight route project supports the development of the Greater Adelaide Freight Bypass between Sturt Highway and the South Eastern Freeway, via Murray Bridge and Sedan, to form part of a broader freight network diverting heavy vehicles away from Adelaide and the South Eastern Freeway.


The former Coalition Government had committed to $120 billion infrastructure pipeline, which included funding for the Truro Freight Route.


$202 million had been committed to fund the design and construction of a bypass at Truro to divert heavy traffic along the Sturt Highway out of Truro’s main street, improving safety and amenity, as well as freight efficiency.


Mr Pasin said this project was not only delayed, with construction initially planned to begin in December 2022, but now the project was at risk altogether under the Albanese Labor Government.


“At best this project is delayed until early 2024, at worst it will be scrapped altogether,” Mr Pasin said.


“The Coalition Government set us on a trajectory to increase investment in South Australian infrastructure, building what we need for the safe and productive movement of goods and to ensure people get home to their loved ones.”


“Not only has the Labor Government disrupted this trajectory, they’ve put South Australia on pause while we watch the road toll rise and our freight operators struggle with increased input costs. Labor’s infrastructure review is one we didn’t need and in truth, we can’t afford,” Mr Pasin said.


Local Member for Schubert, Mrs Ashton Hurn, said the $202 million Truro Freight Route is not just about improving the State’s productivity, but also about getting heavy vehicles off of the Truro Main Street.


“Despite the obvious benefits of the Truro Freight Route, the Federal Labor Government has put it potentially on the chopping block as part of their infrastructure review, meaning the town has no clarity or certainty on the project anymore.


“We need the Federal Labor Government to end the uncertainty and commit to making sure it’s delivered in a way that’s fit for generations to come.


“Linked to this project was also $1 million that the former Liberal Government put on the table for a master plan of the Truro main street and town, and that process is already underway.


“It would be extraordinarily disappointing for local residents and small businesses, not to mention short-sighted if the State Labor Government slashed the $1 million as well, and I’ve sought a guarantee that it will be maintained.”


Mr Pasin and Mrs Hurn are urging road users to send a clear message to the Labor Government about the need to improve the Sturt Highway, by signing a petition calling on the Government to move forward with the Truro Freight Route project.


The petition can be signed online at


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