Optus has switched on a new mobile site in Wynarka, South Australia as part of round two of the Australian Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Program, providing residents and visitors to the area with dedicated Optus mobile coverage for the first time.

The new site located on Moorlands Road, Wynarka was co-funded by Optus and the Federal Government and will provide mobile coverage across 129 square kilometres, reaching over 100 households in the area. Additionally, the site will enhance reception along over 150 kilometres of road, between Tailem Bend and Karoonda.

Andrew Sheridan, Vice President of Regulatory and Government Affairs highlighted the importance of the Program in providing coverage to people living in remote and rural parts of Australia.

“The ability to make and receive calls and browse the internet is something that we believe all Australians should have access to. Access to mobile coverage brings a range of benefits to these communities, beyond being able to make calls it enables them to browse the internet and use the latest in-home technology, which is at the centre of the modern, connected way of life,” said Mr Sheridan.

Wynarka is the eleventh Federal Government Mobile Black Spot site to be delivered by Optus in South Australia. Two additional sites, at Yahl and Blanchetown have also been delivered directly with the South Australian Government.

“Seeing the benefit that this program has brought to so many rural and remote Australian communities only serves to strengthen our commitment to continue to offer residents in these parts of Australia with a great value, reliable mobile service,” added Mr Sheridan.

The Minister for Regional Services, Senator the Hon Bridget McKenzie, also welcomed Optus’ announcement: “The Mobile Blackspot Programme is delivering much needed new investment in mobile infrastructure across regional Australia to address mobile coverage issues. It’s fantastic to see that the program is reaching more and more communities across the country, like Wynarka. The Mobile Black Spot Program is enabling mobile carriers to service areas like Wynarka where it would otherwise not have been economically viable,” the Minister said.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin said improving Mobile Phone Coverage in Australia’s rural, regional, remote areas had been a key priority for the Coalition Government.

“We recognise the vital importance of mobile phone coverage to people living, working and travelling in regional and remote parts of the country.

“Reliable and effective mobile communications is a key driver of the enormous contribution that our regions make to Australia’s economic growth.

“I’m lobbying within Government for a rolling Mobile Blackspot Program so we can continue to improve telecommunications in more areas of need,” Mr Pasin said.

ABOUT THE MOBILE BLACK SPOT PROGRAM The Mobile Black Spot Program is a Federal Government initiative to improve and extend mobile phone coverage in regional and remote Australia.

The Federal Government has committed $220 million to this Program, which has been co-invested by State Governments, local governments, businesses, community organisations and telecommunications providers.

As part of the Federal Government’s Mobile Black Spot Programs Optus will be co-funding and building a total of 126 mobile sites in black spots across the country, a large number of which are in very remote, parts of Australia.

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