Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP says the Labor Government’s decision to reinstate the full fuel excise will hurt the hip pocket at a time when Australians can least afford it.


The former Coalition Government introduced the targeted measure in March 2022 to provide much needed cost of living relief. The measure saw the tax charged on each litre of fuel sold in Australia halved, dropping it from 44.2 to 22.1 cents.


“Labor’s decision not to extend this measure is disappointing. It will really hurt Australian families when they can least afford it,” Mr Pasin said.


“We know Australia’s are still really feeling the pressure of rising cost of living and this will only get worse as interest rate rises flow through family budgets,” Mr Pasin said.


Mr Pasin said the Federal Labor Government had no plan to ease cost of living pressures.


“Making the decision not to extend the fuel excise cut is one thing, but to do it without explaining to the Australian public a targeted plan, appropriate to the challenges we’re facing, is just not good enough,” Mr Pasin said.


“Labor’s plan seems to be tax more and spend more. Australian families are looking for immediate cost of living measures. All they’ve done so far is re-diagnose the problem and introduce measures that wont come into effect for 6 months.


Mr Pasin said while he welcomed the Labor Government matching the Coalition’s commitment to cutting the cost of prescription medications, Australian’s wont benefit from these savings until next year.


“Australian’s need cost of living relief here and now. All Labor can do is point out the problem, which is blindingly obvious, and offer solutions such as easing the cost of medicine and childcare 6 to 12 months into the future,” Mr Pasin said.



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