Tony Pasin is calling on the Marshall Liberal Government to immediately reinstate the 110km per hour speed limit on eight regional roads as per their election commitment.

“Five of the eight regional roads are in Barker and it’s certainly a hot topic of conversation as I speak to my constituents. The previous Labor Government’s decision to reduce these speed limits caused massive frustration in the community. The commitment was that these speed limits would be reinstated following the Marshall Government’s election win. The fact that this hasn’t happened is extremely disappointing.”

“I want to see these roads upgraded, and I am advocating for Federal funding to help this happen faster, but in the meantime the speed limits should be reinstated to 110km per hour immediately, we shouldn’t have to wait until 2020 – 2021. That was never their commitment,” Mr Pasin said.

“The State Labor Opposition is playing politics on an issue that they created. No-one on the Labor benches has any right to criticise the State Government on this matter.

“It was under the Labor Government that the speed limits were reduced in the first place. It’s extremely hypocritical for them to now attack the Marshall Government for not acting fast enough to fix an issue that they created.”

“It’s a bit like an arsonist criticising the CFS for not putting out the fire quick enough,” Mr Pasin said.

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