Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP says recent botched works undertaken on the Southern Ports Highway between Beachport and Millicent has been a complete waste of money and will now need to be repaired at the cost of other important projects in the region.


Mr Pasin who has been calling for a dedicated left hand turning lane from Southern Ports Highway onto Southend Access Road said he was disgusted at the current condition of the road on his recent trip along the route.


“I drive 100,000 kms a year on roads across Barker which means I get to know the condition of the roads right across the electorate quite well. Southern Ports Highway has to be up there with the worst of them,” Mr Pasin said.


“I congratulate the State Government’s Transport Department on giving the region some attention, but unfortunately, it has been a complete failure. They may as well have poured that money down the drain when it rained because that’s what happened to the new surface.”


Asphalt resurfacing works were undertaken in May of this year but heavy rain in May and June while works were being undertaken has caused considerable deterioration of the road surface.


“Winter isn’t a great time to be scheduling road works, particularly here in the Limestone Coast. It’s another example of an Adelaide based Department failing to understand our region,” Mr Pasin said.


The State Government needs to invest properly in our rural road network, not waste money on bandaid resurfacing works that get washed away. The Southern Ports Highway and the Southend Access Road intersection are simply accidents waiting to happen.


“Minister Koutsantonis says it’s not a priority for taxpayers money. In a year when our Nation’s road toll exceeded last years by July (with two thirds of those lives lost on rural and regional roads) I ask the Minister this; How much are our rural and regional lives worth?”


“Roads like Southern Ports Highway are simply not ok,” Mr Pasin said.



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