Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP says funding for priority road and infrastructure is in doubt as Labor’s first Budget looms.


The Coalition’s 10-year $120 billion infrastructure investment pipeline included an additional $17.9 billion to priority road projects.


Mr Pasin said there are grave concerns that many vital infrastructure projects that would support jobs, increase the efficiency and capacity of our local road network will be cut in next weeks budget.


“The Coalition Government presented a Budget in March that was packed with infrastructure investment priority road projects that would not only strengthen the economy but get Australians home to their loved ones sooner and safer.”


The Coalition Government invested heavily in infrastructure since 2013 which resulted in 35,000 infrastructure projects delivered and 120,000 jobs created. Another 40,000 jobs were expected to be supported over the lives of the projects planned in the March Budget.


Mr Pasin said the Coalition Government’s Local Road and Community Infrastructure Program was one such program that had been a hugely successful and was now under threat.


“Following strong community and local government support, the Coalition Government committed to extend the $1 billion Phase 3 of the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program to $1.5 billion. This additional $500 million announced in the Coalition’s 2022-23 budget was intended to continue to boost Australia’s economic recovery but this funding is now under threat as the Labor Government prepare to hand down their first budget next week.”


The additional $500 million announced by the Coalition in March brought the total commitment to the LRCI Program to $3 billion to support local councils to deliver priority local road and community infrastructure.


The Coalition Government’s LRCI program allocated a combined total of $46,212,556 to local councils in Barker but Mr Pasin said he feared that $8,886,531 ear marked under the Phase 3 extension was now in jeopardy.


“This funding has been a game changer for local councils for a range of funding activities to fix local roads, improve sporting club facilities, playgrounds, community halls, street lighting, footpaths and instal CCTV,” Mr Pasin said.


“Partnering with the District Council of Loxton Waikerie to ensure we deliver projects such as the Waikerie Pump Track for local communities will not only support jobs, construction businesses and economic growth, it will also improve community infrastructure to ensure the region’s communities remain great places to live, work and raise a family into the future”, Mr Pasin said.


“I am disappointed on the lack of clarity on regional spending programs. The Labor Government would be mad to cut the $500 million for Phase 3 extension. It would be a huge loss to our local councils. Particularly in our regions,” Mr Pasin said.


Council Phase 1   Phase 2   Phase 3 Phase 3 Extension TOTAL LRCI FUNDING  
City of Mount
486,995   1,041,637   973,990 486,995 2,989,617  
District Council of
423,450   507,946   846,900 423,450 2,201,746  
District Council of
191,267   165,627   382,534 191,267 930,695  
Kingston District
340,359   289,232   680,718 340,359 1,650,668  
Naracoorte Lucindale
573,718   607,363   1,147,436 573,718 2,902,235  
Wattle Range
629,298   736,052   1,258,596 629,298 3,253,244  
Coorong District
751,813   643,920   1,503,626 751,813 3,651,172  
Mid Murray Council 745,746   736,216   1,491,492 745,746 3,719,200  
Southern Mallee
District Council
489,276   380,861   978,552 489,276 2,337,965  
Tatiara District Council 648,849   611,737   1,297,698 648,849 3,207,133  
District Council of
Karoonda East
427,543   314,128   855,086 427,543 2,024,300  
The Rural City of
Murray Bridge
571,938   972,614   1,143,876 571,938 3,260,366  
District Council of Loxton Waikerie 825,615   859,096   1,651,230 825,615 4,161,556  
Gerard Reserve
Council Inc
102,392   74,176   204,874 102,392 483,744  
Renmark Paringa Council 307,491   465,418   614,982 307,491 1,695,382  
The Berri Barmera
299,755   484,839   599,510 299,755 1,683,859  
The Barossa Council 565,108   1,034,462   1,130,216 565,108 3,294,894  
Light Regional Council 505,918   741,018   1,011,836 505,918 2,764,690  
TOTAL BARKER 8,886,531   10,666,342   17,773,152 8,886,531 46,212,556