Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP is encouraging residents of Barker to ‘Go Local First’ in the lead up to Christmas.


Mr Pasin said small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy, accounting for a third of GDP, and employing around half the total workforce.


“Cost of living is hurting the hip pocket for everyone, small businesses included, who are feeling the pinch as interest rates and power prices continue to rise,” Mr Pasin said.


“Now more than ever Australian small businesses need local communities, particularly regional ones, to support them by choosing to shop local, either in person or online,” Mr Pasin said.


Mr Pasin was supporting small businesses in Barker through the ‘Go Local First’ campaign; a national communications campaign targeted at promoting awareness of, and support for Australia’s 3.5 million small businesses.


“Small businesses are deeply engaged with their communities, including through sporting clubs, local schools, social and community groups. They support our communities and it’s up to us to support them by ensuring that as much as possible, our dollars are spent locally,” Mr Pasin said.


“Spending with local small businesses keeps money within our communities, helping the local economy thrive,” said Mr Pasin.


Mr Pasin said he had recently spent time in Millicent on his ‘Go Local First’ campaign speaking with small businesses in the community and promoting the message to Go Local First this Christmas.


“Like households, our small businesses are struggling with the rising costs of energy and battling inflation and interest rate rises. Small businesses struggle to absorb these costs and more than ever we need to show our support to ensure a thriving small business community in our regions,” Mr Pasin said.


Fiona Telfer, Chair of the Millicent Business Community Association, said Millicent had a well-connected business community who were an integral part of the community and actively working together to promote the benefits of shopping locally.


“The message to support our small businesses is so important. There are many benefits to shopping local and it’s why the MBCA have created a dedicated event for Christmas Eve to encourage people to come back to the main streets of Millicent. It’s a family friendly event all about coming together and shopping in your local community,” said Ms Telfer.


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