Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP has welcomed the announcement of support measures for residents and businesses impacted by floods.


Mr Pasin who has spent considerable time in recent weeks in communities along the river said the $51.6 million package was welcome news for residents and business owners in river communities who were preparing for water levels not seen since 1974.


“There has been considerable stress and anxiety among residents and businesses that has been heightened by uncertainty, lack of communication from authorities and a lack of coordination between Government agencies,” Mr Pasin said.


“I have been a strong voice for the community, in particular the smaller river communities that have felt they have been let down and left behind. I’m glad that these concerns have been heard and that the State Government is now taking action,” Mr Pasin said.


Mr Pasin will be continuing his efforts to represent river communities over the coming weeks and months as the water levels peak and the recovery effort begins.


“My focus over the next few months is to ensure that no community, no individual resident, and no business is left behind. The planning, coordination, communication, and recovery efforts must be widespread and easily accessible,” Mr Pasin said.




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