Tony Pasin has welcomed the National Agricultural Workers Code being adopted by South Australia following National Cabinet in Friday.

SA is one of five States and Territories to adopt a binding, enforceable, evidence-based National Agricultural Workers Code that will ensure Australian famers can keep working to provide food security while also protecting the health of all communities.

“We need to ensure that our farmers and foresters as well as those who support them are not unnecessarily impacted by border arrangements and that there is a Nationally consistent approach to supporting our agricultural sectors.

“In the vast majority of cases, the closed border between SA and Victoria is preventing or making it extremely difficult for farmers and workers from COVID-free area in SA to conduct work in a COVID-free area in Victoria.

“I’ve had examples of farmers needing to get wool and livestock to buyers in Victoria, forest workers needing to travel back and forth to plantations within the Green Triangle, and river lock operators not able to travel from one lock to another without experiencing significant inconvenience or disruptions to business,” Mr Pasin said.

“and with cropping season coming up, its important that we get this in place now so as to not add unnecessary barriers to markets,” Mr Pasin said.

“If this code can simplify and better co-ordinate the exemptions for all Agricultural sectors along the supply chain, this will a better outcome for the National and Local economy, helping to protect jobs and ensure our food and fibre can continue to supply the nation and the world.

“I look forward to seeing the State Government implement the code over the next week or two for the benefit of our local industries,” Mr Pasin said.


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