The Australia Government is providing a further $22.3 million for the development of business cases for eight water infrastructure projects that will help secure Australia’s water future.

Federal Member for Barker, Tony Pasin, welcomed the investment in a Detailed Business Case to bring a sustainable alternative water source to the Barossa.

“This funding commitment is great news for agricultural water users and the construction industry in the Barossa.” Mr Pasin said.

“This commitment shows the Australian Government’s investment framework in action, driving future investment decisions in significant water infrastructure projects, including those that will directly benefit the Barossa.”

“This project aims to treat, transfer and distribute high-quality recycled water to the region, which, with existing resources, will assist the growth of primary industries, food and beverage production and long-term planning due to improved water security in a changing climate.” Mr Pasin said.

“The staged development of business cases, like the ones we are investing in through the 2021–22 Budget, will provide a wealth of information and investigative analysis to support future decisions on moving these projects into construction.” Mr Pasin said.

Barossa Infrastructure Ltd has been a proactive driver in support of a fit-for-purpose recycled water supply into the Barossa Valley to underpin growth and water security.

Barossa Infrastructure Ltd General Manager, Simon Schultz said Barossa Infrastructure is extremely pleased with this announcement and will continue to work with the Federal and State Governments to investigate solutions that meet the needs of Barossa growers.

Barossa Community Water Facilitator, Jane Evans said as a rural livestock producer she understands the benefits of water reuse in agriculture to be proven and beneficial at many levels.

“At an optimal quality, it is cost effective, energy saving, locally sourced and controlled, dependable and reliable, and eco-conscious.” Ms Evans said.

“Implementation of this Detailed Business Case, made possible largely by Federal Government funding, supports due recognition for our beautiful Barossa region at a Federal governance level.” Ms Evans said.

“The Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s most established and premium wine regions. Our branding, and recognition spans across tourism, wine and agricultural production. As we move forward, in order to maintain the quality of our rural production, a Detailed Business Case, will enable a framework to be established, identify areas that require pro-active innovation with access to recycled water security, and a preferred delivery and procurement approach.“ Ms Evans said.

“There is an over-riding need to promote and innovate with sustainable use of water, to drought- proof our future for the generations to follow. This is a welcome and positive innovation supported by the Federal Government for our premier Barossa region.” Ms Evans said.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said these business cases will inform more investment in new water infrastructure as part of the National Water Grid investment pipeline.

“The Australian Government is delivering the water infrastructure that forms the National Water Grid as part of our $3.5 billion investment to secure Australia’s water future.”

“By investing in business cases we are demonstrating our commitment to supporting Australia’s regional economies over the long term and strengthening our 10-year rolling program of priority water infrastructure investments.

“The development of robust business cases is an important step to support and inform evidence-based investment decisions, as we look to identify and build the dams, weirs, pipelines, water recycling plants and other projects that will form the National Water Grid.“

“Good planning leads to good delivery.”

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