The Princes Highway is a winner in the much anticipated Federal Budget handed down in Parliament this week.

The Government will invest $1 billion to deliver a range of road upgrades along the Princes Highway corridor from NSW through to SA to support the implementation of the Princes Highway Corridor Strategy.

Investment is expected to include safety upgrades such as road widening, overtaking lanes and duplication along key sections.

Mr Pasin said upgrades to the Princes Highway corridor in South Australia are expected to improve safety, reliability, freight efficiency, and support local industry and tourism along the route.

Mr Pasin said the South Australian funding component of the billion dollar investment is expected to be around $200 million with a specific figure to be determined following consultation with the South Australia Government on projects which will be funded on an 80:20 basis with the State Government.

“Improving our roads has been one of my number one priorities and I’ve argued that the Princes Highway needs to front of mind when allocating national infrastructure priorities. It’s arguably one of the most dangerous roads in Barker and has been crying out for significant Federal investment for years,” Mr Pasin said.

“As someone who drives thousands of kilometres a year on the Princes Highway, I understand the safety concerns people have with this road. I’ve also had first-hand experience travelling the road in a heavy vehicle, thanks to Gary Hinton of Holla Fresh which made me even more determined to fight for funding to see this important freight route upgraded.”

“The reality is, the former State Labor Government weren’t interested in investing in our regional roads. With a Liberal Government now controlling the purse strings in South Australia, both levels of Government are committed to investing in our regions.

“Our good economic management has put us in a position where we can make significant investment in infrastructure. The only thing standing in the way of more funding announcements like this one is a Bill Shorten Government,” Mr Pasin said.  

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