Tough new farm trespass laws to protect Australia’s farmers from the unlawful actions of animal activists have now passed the Australian Parliament, following passage of the Bill through the Senate yesterday.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP, said the Criminal Code Amendment (Agricultural Protection) Bill showed Australia’s farmers that Australians were on their side.

“Militant animal activists have invaded farms across the country trespassing, threatening and harassing farming families,” Mr Pasin said.

“These have not just been farm invasions, they’re also home invasions. Farming families that have done nothing wrong have a right to feel safe at home and in their place of work,”

“If activists don’t like animal farming there are plenty of ways to make their point without breaking the law.

“This Bill makes it a criminal offence to publish material, via a carriage service like the internet, if you intend to incite trespass, property damage or theft on agricultural land.

“Animal activists who use the personal information of family farmers to incite trespass risk imprisonment of up to five years.

“The Morrison Government is serious about deterring those who want to disrupt and intimidate our farmers, fishers and foresters in their homes and on their properties.”

“Activists need to understand that they can’t just descend on someone’s home and place of work, interfere with their business and steal their animals,” Mr Pasin said.

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