Mr PASIN (Barker) (13:58):  This week, the Premier of Victoria said:

I don’t want to be offensive to South Australians, but why would you want to go there?

Premier: I get it. You’ve had a bad week! You’ve had a really bad week! Premier, you’ve been burnt courtesy of some particularly bad behaviour from your Victorian ALP team. I get it, Premier—you need a holiday! I’m always willing to help, so here are some suggestions. How about the Coorong, a wetland of international importance, made famous on the big screen thanks to the movie Storm Boy? Yes, Mr Andrews, that’s a natural wonder and it’s in South Australia. Thousands of people attend it every year.

Mr Premier, what about the Coonawarra—the home of Australia’s best cabernets? Okay, you’re a shiraz man—how about the Barossa Valley? That might be more to your liking, or maybe the Riverland to the north. The best fruit, vegetables and nuts are grown there. You also have the tourism offer of the Murray River. I can just see you now, Premier: you’re kicking back on a wakeboard and having the time of your life. There’s no Somyurek and there’s no Byrne; there’s just the wind in your hair!

The reasons to come to South Australia, they just roll off the tongue! There is $8.1 billion a year in tourism spend. But, Premier, leave your phone at home. Those text messages, they’ll give you heartburn!