Students in Barker will benefit from the Morrison Government’s record $1.8 billion funding for schools in South Australia next year, up from $1.6 billion in 2021.

Funding for South Australian schools has grown 64 per cent since the Government came to office, and is locked in to grow a further 37 per cent between now and 2029.

Between 2018 and 2029, SA schools will receive more than $22 billion through the Quality Schools package.

Government schools in South Australia will see the biggest increase, from $493 million in 2018, to $912 million in 2029.

Nationally, the Morrison Government will provide a record $24.8 billion in recurrent funding for all Australian schools in 2022.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin, said the Government’s record investment in SA schools was an investment in our future.

“We’re giving kids in Barker the best possible chance to get the best education and reach their full potential,” Mr Pasin said.

“We have many great schools in Barker filled with hard-working dedicated teachers and the Government is backing them, so they can focus on giving their students the best education.” Mr Pasin said.

Minister Tudge said locking in record funding means states, territories and schools could now focus on lifting standards.

“We are committed to seeing our school students once again performing among the top nations across reading, mathematics and science by 2030,” Minister Tudge said.

“To do this we need more than funding – we need to attract the best students into teaching and give them the best training, fix our curriculum and back our teachers with strong assessment tools.

The Government launched a review of initial teacher education last month which is due to report later this year.

The National Curriculum is also under review, with the independent body ACARA currently seeking public feedback on draft proposed changes.