In addition to the other work that I have been doing in this place, I have been running a campaign to deliver an MRI licence to the Riverland in my electorate of Barker. For those who don’t know, the Riverland is situated, obviously, on the River Murray, but, importantly, it is some 250 kilometres from Adelaide and nearly 200 kilometres from Mildura. Why do I say those places are important? Well, those are the closest places where constituents in my community who are living in the Riverland can access an MRI scan. This scan is now a commonplace diagnostic tool. It is adopted almost all the time by healthcare professionals in the treatment of very many conditions. To ask individuals to travel, in some cases 500 kilometres, to undergo an MRI scan is unacceptable in 2019. This is why I have run a campaign to convince the federal health minister of the need for an MRI licence in the Riverland. I am grateful to the minister for making a number of licences available. We are clearly, as a community, putting up our hand for one of them.