Member for Barker and Shadow Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Tony Pasin MP has criticised the $60 million road repair package for River Murray communities noting that the South Australian component is coming from existing funding allocations.


Mr Pasin said that the package was funded with a 50/50 funding contribution from Federal and State Governments. While the $30 million in Federal Government funding was additional to existing road funding allocations, the State’s $30 million was not new funding and would be found from existing infrastructure budgets.


“The Premier announces a $60 million package to repair flood damaged roads but what he hasn’t explained is what infrastructure projects will be cut or delayed to make up their $30 million contribution,” Mr Pasin said.


“This is a once in a generation flooding event and the damage is significant. I had expected our State Government to fund repairs with additional infrastructure funding, not reallocated existing expenditure away from other important projects across the State,” Mr Pasin said.


“It’s time that our Premier started taking our infrastructure priorities seriously and funding them appropriately.”


“Robbing Peter to pay Paul isn’t going to keep our State moving. It’s time we got serious about improving our roads and that includes funding repairs when they are needed by finding additional funds to do so,” Mr Pasin said.


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