Like all those living and working in cross border communities I was thrilled to learn that the South Australian Government were removing the ‘hard border’ between SA and Victoria and returning to a 40km buffer zone for those in cross border communities.


It was an extremely stressful two week period for those living in a cross-border community since the State Government announced the hard border closures and to have these restrictions now eased is such a relief. The number of calls and emails to my office seeking assistance over the past couple of weeks bears testament to the fact that residents were struggling to navigate the new restrictions and that it was having a very real impact on not only individuals but communities and services.


This is a fantastic win and one driven at a grassroots level, by sharing their stories the message from the community was heard. I also want to thank South Australian and Victorian State and Federal Members of Parliament who joined forces to encourage the State Government authorities to take a common sense approach to this issue.