My thoughts go out to all those affected by bush fires in the South East over the weekend.

Once again our emergency services volunteers have shown tremendous courage, dedication and hard work in dangerous, life threatening conditions, to protect others.

These volunteers make up such an important part of our community; I want to acknowledge their efforts over the weekend. There is no doubt that without these selfless efforts we would today be in a very different situation dealing with much greater losses of land and perhaps life.

Bush fires are a part of Australian life, especially for those who live on the land, we must always remain vigilant. But what never ceases to amaze me is the generosity of spirit in our regional communities both during and after a bush fire event. The weekend’s fire is no exception.

The community of the Tatiara and surrounds is once again rallying together to help those in need. I commend those in the community who have initiated measures such as the ‘GoFundMe’ page and donation drive.

For anyone wanting to donate goods to those who have lost possessions, both my offices in Murray Bridge and Mount Gambier are collection points for receiving donations (goods only, financial donations can be made via ).


CONTACT: 8531 2466