Regional Liberal Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP says he has employers desperate for staff across the South Australian regional electorate.

“Over the past couple of months I’ve spoken to employers who are crying out for staff to fill positions and they say they are just not getting the job applications,” Mr Pasin said.

“I’m not talking necessarily about seasonal work. I’m not talking about fruit picking, although these are certainly available too but, a lot of the jobs I’m hearing about are full time, well paid, on-going jobs with promising career paths in interesting industries.

“I’ve collated a schedule of more than 1,000 jobs available right now in my electorate alone, over half of these are full time across a range of industries including heath care, hospitality, engineering and construction, agriculture and food processing,” Mr Pasin said.

“While nationally the unemployment rate rose during the peak of the COVID pandemic, the assertion that there are no job opportunities is just plain wrong. I’m living in regional SA and I’m hearing directly from employers and they are telling me they have the jobs and they need people to fill them.

“Our Government is supporting our businesses to get through COVID and come out the other side with unprecedented economic support, because we know that by supporting businesses, we’re supporting jobs. We have a strong focus on a business-led economic recovery and given this, it’s devastating to hear that businesses in my electorate are struggling to find staff.”