The disaster at Thomas Foods International (TFI) Murray Bridge has understandably rocked the community of Murray Bridge.

Over the last two days I have been speaking with the Prime Minister, Federal Ministers and their Departments to ensure that we are ready to assist as soon as practicably possible.

I commend TFI on their commitment to support their workers. I have been in regular contact with TFI and the management team are aware that I am working with my Federal colleagues to assist.

1400 workers and their families remain uncertain about what the future holds and I understand that this is a stressful time. I want them to know that I stand with them and that they will be supported.

Thomas Foods is such an important part of the Murraylands and South Australian economy the ramifications of this event will be felt far and wide throughout the community and supply chain.

I am working to ensure that all those affected are offered the best support possible.


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