I am greatly humbled to have been elected for a third term as the Member for Barker.

I have always put the people of Barker first and I go to Canberra with their best interests at the heart of my work there and I believe that this was reflected in the result on Saturday.

I couldn’t have achieved this result without my amazing staff and supportive family.

To all of the volunteers and Liberal Party members in Barker, thank you for your tireless efforts in the lead up to and throughout this campaign.

Thank you to the other candidates who put their hand up to run; you have served to provide the people of Barker with a choice and that is fundamental to our democracy.

Thank you to all who cast their vote, taking part in our Democratic process and to all those who have put their trust in me to represent them in Canberra.

The fact that the Coalition will continue to govern into a third term gives me confidence that I will be able to continue to deliver for our region and our local communities and the industries that sustain them.

Scott Morrison has truly been a great leader for our Party and he will be a great Prime Minister heading into the 46th Parliament.

I’m now looking forward to getting on with the job and continuing in my role within a Government who governs for all Australians.

Tony Pasin MP

Member for Barker