Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin has presented a local former serviceman Mr Allan McGuiness with a formal acknowledgment recognising his service to the Australian Defence Force.

Mr Pasin said Allan McGuiness was enlisted in the Regular Army at the age of 18 in 1960 and served 20 years reaching the rank of Warrant Officer 2 (WO2). During this period, Mr McGuiness was posted to 2nd Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (2nd Bn RAR) which was deployed to Malaya during the emergency.”

“Mr McGuiness was subsequently posted to 7th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment {7 Bn RAR) as the Chief Clerk of the Battalion which deployment took Mr McGuiness to South Vietnam on the Battalion’s second tour there.”

“On his return to Australia Mr McGuiness was posted to various other units as CSM, Instructor, Admin and Recruiting.”

Allan McGuiness said “One of the most interesting tasks I had during this time was when I was chosen along with five other WO’s to conduct a pilot programme as Reengagement Officers. We were there to listen to concerns about reengaging, future soldier employment streaming and promotion prospects or any other issues they might have had. Those that elected not to reengage were then given advice on discharge procedures and resettlement.”

Mr Pasin said he was pleased to be able to present Mr McGuiness with this acknowledgment.

“Certificates of Appreciation are just one way that the Australian Government expresses its gratitude to those who have given so much in protecting our country’s interests and helping to restore and maintain peace around the world.” said Mr Pasin.

“We are grateful for the dedication and sacrifice demonstrated by our veterans’ service to Australia.” said Mr Pasin.

Residents can apply for a Certificates of Appreciation under the Saluting Their Service Commemorations Program. They are a way of expressing the nation’s gratitude to those who served in the defence forces or on the home front in the Second World War or in wars, conflicts and peace keeping operations overseas since the conclusion of the Second World War.