Barker farmers will get access to new markets across the Americas and Asia, with the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP-11) Agreement passing Parliament.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin said the agreement would open up new opportunities for Barker farmers.

“This agreement will open up new pathways and greater access to new markets as well as the ability for Baker businesses to expand and strengthen their supply chains.

“I expect this agreement will not only help local businesses to grow into overseas markets, but will also boost the local economy and create more local job opportunities.

“This will help our local beef, sheep, pork, grain, dairy, wine, seafood and horticulture sectors, business owners, workers and service providers alike.”

This deal strips 98 per cent of tariffs for 11 countries with a combined GDP of more than $13.8 trillion and close to 500 million consumers.

“The TPP means more market access for our farmers, greater opportunities for our businesses, more jobs and increased investment for Australia,” said Mr Pasin.

“The TPP-11 offers significant advantages for Australian exporters including accelerated reductions in Japan’s tariffs on Australian beef, greater quota volumes for wheat and barley, new access for dairy products and clear investment regimes for mining and resources.

“Australia’s leadership on the TPP-11 has been another important demonstration of the our Government’s commitment to the international rules-based approach to trade.

“This landmark agreement forms part of our Government’s ambitious trade agenda that aims to support business to grow and create more jobs for Australians.”



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