The average unemployment rate has decreased 2 percentage points in just 12 months in the Limestone Coast, underscoring strong jobs growth across Australia.

The average unemployment rate across the Limestone Coast area decreased from 4.8 to 2.8 in the 12 months to December 2021.

Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP said the decline in unemployment was a direct result of the Coalition Government’s good economic management.

“This decline in unemployment in the region echoes the fall in the national unemployment rate which now sits at 4 per cent- the equal lowest level in 48 years,” Mr Pasin said.

“There are 394,000 more Australians in work than before the pandemic, and over 1.9 million new jobs since the Coalition came to Government in 2013. This is no coincidence. This is the result of good economic management,” Mr Pasin said.

Youth unemployment has reached its lowest level in over 13 years and there are a record 220,000 Australians in trade apprenticeships.

Mr Pasin pointed to measures taken by the Coalition Government such as the establishment of the $2.1 billion JobTrainer Fund, tax cuts and the highly successful HomeBuilder program as reasons for the decline in unemployment.

In the 2022 Budget, the Coalition announced further support for Australian apprenticeships by providing $5,000 payments to new apprentices.

The Budget also included continued investment in training and skills by supporting an additional 800,000 training places for school leavers and job seekers.

“Our tax relief for workers and small business, our investments in skills and trades, and our support for our building and manufacturing sectors mean we can get more people into more jobs,” Mr Pasin said.

When Labor last came to office, the jobless rate was a little over 4 per cent. When they left government six years later, unemployment was 5.7 per cent and rising and there were 54,300 fewer young people with jobs.

Last week the Prime Minister pledged to create 1.3 million more jobs over the next five years. Mr Pasin said the Coalition’s record of creating 1.9 million jobs since 2013, showed voters that the Coalition was best placed to deliver for the economy and local jobs.

“Building on Australia’s strong economic recovery from COVID-19 and the Coalition’s record of creating almost 1.9 million new jobs since it was elected, the Coalition Government has committed to create 1.3 million new jobs over the next five years.

“We’ve got the runs on the board and proven plans to deliver these 1.3 million new jobs,” Mr Pasin said.

“We see evidence of this directly in the local community with more people employed now than were under Labor.

“Barker is a better place to live work and raise a family under a Coalition Government,” said Mr Pasin.

Comments attributable to Greg Megaw, Group Training Employment General Manager:

“The (BAC) Boosting Apprenticeship Commencement funding introduced by the Federal Government has provided employment opportunities for our local community in times of real uncertainty.

“This funding has allowed Group Training Employment to employ record numbers of apprentice/trainees in the Limestone Coast and the Government needs to congratulated on the result.

“Employers of apprentice/trainees will continue to benefit from this funding for the next three years.”


DEC 2020 DEC 2021
Naracoorte Lucindale 3.8 2.1
Wattle Range 5.7 3.6
Robe 3.5 1.9
Kingston SE 3.5 1.9
Grant 5 2.8
Mount Gambier 7.1 4.3
Regional average 4.8 2.8