As part of Civic and Citizenship education, Year 8 students at Unity College received a visit from Federal Member for Barker Tony Pasin MP on Thursday 4 March.

Unable to visit in Parliament House owing to continuing restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Pasin made a special trip to the school and conducted a mock parliamentary sitting.

Participating in a mock Parliamentary role play, students debated the contentious ‘No Homework Bill’.

“There was some robust debate on the (classroom) floor of the House of Representatives during the role play – to ban homework in Australian Schools!” Mr Pasin said.

“I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm the students showed for the democratic process,” said Mr Pasin.

“These students will determine the future of this Nation and as such I think it’s really important that they understand their civic duty. As one of very few Nations around the world with compulsory voting it’s vital that we educate young Australians about the Parliamentary process. Strength in Democracy comes with the community being informed and interested in how and why our laws are made,” Mr Pasin said.