Every year on January 26 Australians around the nation and those living around the world reflect on what it means to be Australian.

For me Australia Day is a reminder of the tremendous freedoms we enjoy and of how lucky we are to live in the greatest Country in the world.

Every Australian, from our First Australians to the newest sworn in citizen and everyone in-between, I am sure is proud to be part of our shared national story.

This Australia Day, I encourage everyone to reflect on what it is to be Australian; to work hard, to contribute to community, a sense of mateship, of belonging and of prosperity. Let’s remember that irrespective of our place of birth we are united in our common Australian values.

While the recent pandemic has been a challenging time for many, in true Aussie spirit we are pulling together in the face of adversity. Indeed it is in these tough times that the values that make our nation shine through.

This truly is a nation of freedom and opportunity, even in tough times. As Australians we strive to better ourselves while at the same time supporting others. To all those who have volunteered in support of or donated to those in need this summer, thank you. You are what make this Nation great.

This Australia Day be proud, be thankful and most importantly have a great day celebrating what it means to be Australian.

Tony Pasin
Federal Member for Barker