The Barossa has emerged a winner of this week’s Federal Budget with Kroemer’s Crossing included in a record $100 billion infrastructure spend.

The Federal Liberal Government has committed up to $4.8 million in funding towards improving freight productivity by installing a roundabout at Kroemers Crossing in the Barossa Valley.

Kroemers Crossing which connects Barossa Valley Way with Murray Street, Burings Road, Menge Road and Vine Road is the primary freight access to Pernod Ricard’s Richmond Grove Winery.

Heavy vehicle access at this location is currently restricted to semi-trailers only, due to safety concerns and insufficient widths available for vehicle turn paths. 

“This section of Barossa Valley Way represents a missing link in the restricted access vehicle (RAV) network through the Barossa Valley, impacting freight productivity,” Mr Pasin said.

“Our Government has committed $4.8 million to upgrade this intersection to allow for B-double access, with a roundabout the preferred solution due to the complexity of the intersecting roads at the location.”

“This investment will increase efficiency, productivity and improve the supply chain. Making this freight routes more efficient means local businesses have more money to invest in their operations, creating jobs, and proving a boost to the local economy,” said Mr Pasin. 

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